How it works

The HELIOPACK solar generator connects to solar panels which generate power to charge the Lithium Ion batteries. While the sun is out, you can enjoy power from the HELIOPACK while the batteries charge simultaneously. When the sun goes down, power will switch over to the batteries to keep you going.


Battery Specs

  • Cell Type: Lithium Ion
  • Capacity: 453 watts 31.5 ah
  • Lifecycles: 1,000+
  • Shelf Life:
  • Fuses: 15amp
  • Battery Management: Charge controlled and low battery voltage protection



The Drain

The chart below shows you how quickly the battery voltage will drain depending on what you have plugged in. If only using a fully charged battery to power your item, the voltage will start at a higher voltage then it will slowly lose voltage.  Then it will begin level out.  Once the battery is near the end of its charge, the voltage will drop at a more rapid pace. Regular deep cycle batteries have more of a direct sloping line, which means there’s no leveling out, it’s just a drop off.  Lithium Ion batteries can also be charged, discharged and charged again over 1,000 times over its lifetime. That means it’ll last  for years and years!

Charging Options

The main charging method is via solar panels however the HELIOPACK solar generator can be charged in two additional ways: wall outlet, and car charger. What’s great about the Heliopack is that unlike competitors, our box comes with all three methods of charging, including a 50w solar panel. Our solar panel uses MC4 connectors. This is a standard connector throughout the industry which allows you to connect non-Heliopack solar panels to the box up to 150 watts. Adding solar panels will allow the box to charge very fast while also having the ability to keep your items going indefinitely while the sun is present.


The HELIOPACK solar generator can provide power to two 110v devices (laptop, small tv, etc.) at the same time. While charging the prior, it can charge two usb powered devices (cell phones, bluetooth speaker, etc.). We also have provided a 12v car charger for other device usages.

The HELIOPACK solar generator has an internal 400w inverter with an 800w surge. That surge allows you to power small motor powered devices. For example a micro fridge, which needs a surge to kick on can be powered by the HELIOPACK.

  • Two 110v outlets
  • Two USB outlets
  • One 12v outlet

There are so many opportunities to use the HELIOPACK: during a power outage, your outdoor event, and much more


The idea of a solar powered generator originated after a trip to Nigeria, where the power grid is temperamental and can fail at any moment. Our aim was to create a generator system which could not only provide power for essential items during the frequent power outages but was also tough and durable enough to withstand the conditions of rural villages. Taking what we learned from the Nigerian environment the HELIOPACK Solar generator was born and engineered to withstand anything



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